The Key to Healing the Effects of Emotions

Today people live the way they feel emotionally. Whatever happens, they question themselves, judge their goodness, and read emotional wellness books. If you think about it, you'll admit that you ask yourself this question 100 times daily. But do you run your life like this? I can't take a shower today because it makes me feel sick, but I will take a shower next week because it will make me feel better. It's whimsical, silly, like a willow blown in the wind, and it runs its life on its emotions without reason or rhythm. Yet, people judge everything that comes in and out of their lives that way! How can you make such good choices?

Where did you learn this?

We learn to live and learn about our emotional reactions early. If I wanted something, I would scream or cry and keep doing it till I got it. We have learned that expressing negative emotions can help us get what we want from our parents and siblings. I learned to manipulate others. And what we wish for has changed all the time. Sometimes I would end up in a crack and didn't even know what I wanted. But it's always like, 'How does this make me feel? I feel good, so I keep at it and get more. Even if you wanted it, or maybe even wanted it, throw it... tomorrow." books on emotional well-being let your emotions rule our lives. Emotions are just buttons on the soda machine.

Emotions can't bring you success, abundance, happiness, or the right relationships...or can they?

Some magicians say that by controlling one's emotions, one gains emotional strength and receives healing. And it's true! By eliminating all negativity in your life, you attract the good: Positivity attracts more positivity. By actively controlling your emotions and understanding that you can take your life from defeat to victory every time you think of a negative thought, immediately consciously replacing it with a positive, happy, uplifting view. It can be replaced entirely. Pure Emotional Magic has provided books on the subject. Read any of them; they say control your emotions and change your life.

Adopt a winning attitude and start winning

Control of your emotions. Don't let them control you. Because when you allow your emotions to run your life, you give up on the rudder, sail, and struggle to get anywhere.

A magician needs to control his emotions. Many forces in the universe know that we are "feel-good babies" and have come to exploit our weaknesses. Sting us with things that push us and trust our emotional selves. Why do they do this? Because they are not human and do not have the power of beautiful feelings. They are jealous, and if they can't play like us, they want to see us "play,” possibly not in a perfect way. I know that only some sentient beings have this power. They see us as trivially sacrificing the power of emotion instead of controlling and using it to express happiness, healing, abundance, and beauty. Can you imagine how silly and soft we seem to outsiders?

If you want to heal, think of healing ideas, get excited about healing, put yourself in healing mode, and commit to it. Do you remember that football game? Indulge in your intentions for abundance, healing, or bliss. Sing, dance, and pray aloud. With the right choice of books on emotional well being, the right degree of emotion, and the knowledge of achieving it, anything can be yours, including complete remission from cancer.

Many philosophers and psychologists have tried to eliminate emotions. Embrace the power of your emotional gift, says a magician, but use it with wisdom to consciously seek to make good. Don't take anything away from you. Learn all the tools and practice controlling your intentions and emotions.

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